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WINTER 2018 



Bargaining Update

Stephen Waddell, ACTRA

National Executive Director

and Chief Negotiator

had it not first been for our historical win

in the late 1990s. At the dawn of Internet

advertising in 1999, ACTRA negotiated

the first collective agreement in the world

to cover performers appearing in digital

media ads. Thanks to this achievement,

we won a 175% increase to our made-for

digital media Use rate this past summer,

which now puts performers’ work—and

pay—in digital media on the same level as

broadcast commercials.

The struggles of the past have given us

a firm foundation on which we continue to

build. UBCP/ACTRA just completed renegoti-

ation of the BCMPA in December. The new

Agreement will see performers receiving

9% in increased rates over the next three

years and groundbreaking language on

sexual harassment. Terms for NewMedia

production have significantly improved

with a landmark 90-day Basic DeclaredUse

for NewMedia, and minimum rates that

are now equivalent to film and television

production at all budget levels.

Next up for ACTRA bargaining later this

year will be the IPA andwe have every inten-

tion of continuing to build on our success.

The last 15 years of ACTRA’s bargaining

history have been both challenging and

ground-breaking. As our industry keeps

pace with changing technologies, the next

15 years and beyond will also be challen-

ging. That said, if we have a clear vision of

what we want, if we stand together and are

determined to achieve our objectives, we

will prevail.

Clockwise from top: ACTRA

members and friends across

Canada rallied in support of

ACTRA’s 2007 strike; Pictured

here is a group shot of the

Toronto demo outside CMPA

HQ; the late Wayne Robson;

BMCPA bargaining team

Dax Belanger, Paul Dzenkiw,

Lori Stewart, Ellie Harvie,

Lesley Brady, Enid-Raye

Adams, Keith Martin Gordey,

Alvin Sanders, Jason Cameron.

Missing from picture: Cathia

Badiere, Laurie McAllister,

Sandy Perron, Chris Webb,

Stephen Waddell. Photo: Max