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WINTER 2018 



President’s Message

Jay Baruchel and David Gale

at ACTRA’s Stage Parent Guide

2012 relaunch.

Stephen Waddell,

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee,

Jean Yoon, Yannick

Bisson at recent



Tyrone Benskin,

Jesse Camacho,

Demetrius Joyette

at ACTRA lobby

day 2013.

our history, our legacy, and our cultural

responsibility to future generations. Our

cultural agenda must be set by Canadians

andmust serve all Canadians.

I would be remiss if I did not touch on

the important topic of harassment and

assault in our industry. At the time of this

writing, we are meeting with members

across the country, individuals who have

bravely stepped forward with disturbing

reports of discrimination, harassment and

assault. Your union is listening, learning,

working with stakeholders and seeking

advice fromprofessionals to create stronger

processes and policies for the industry

and for ACTRA so we can better support

survivors of such abuse. On November 23,

2017, ACTRA hosted an industry roundt-

able convened by CUES, and attended by

the leadership and advisors of many groups,

including the CMPA (producers), the CBC,


TAMAC, the Casting Directors Society of

Canada, Women in View and many other

organizations representing workers and

management in the entertainment indus-

Art Hindle and

Tantoo Cardinal.

try. This first of what will be many meet-

ings allowed a place for gaps to be identi-

fies, ideas to be shared and progress to be

reported on. Our initial shared goals are

for the industry to stand together against

harassment, bullying, abuse and assault

of every kind; to develop a speedier, more

inclusive process to support survivors;

and to continue to move this file forward

by ensuring it has industry-wide support

and effective teeth to change behaviours,

and eliminate the fear and confusion that

helped predatory behaviour persist for so

long. The workwe domust be effective now

and into the future. Thanks to allwhobravely

stepped up to share their experiences.

For half the time there has been a Can-

ada, there has been an ACTRA. To mark

our 75-year anniversary, we’re kicking off

celebrations with this special edition of


, the first of two anniver-

sary issues in 2018, to commemorate the

past and the future of our union. Manywill

remember our 60th anniversary



magazine edition—you can read

it online at

in an

easy-to-read flipbook (along with other

archived issues of




). Please take the time to learn

more about your union’s history. Thanks

to every ACTRAvist who has supported the

work of our union and our industry. We

achieve great things whenwe work together.

Now, on to the special 75th anniversary

issue. I hope you enjoy the stories told by

your fellowmembers from coast to coast.

CanCon is not all sled-dogs and

snow-drifts anymore. Shows like

Murdoch, Private Eyes, Mohawk

Girls, Rookie Blue, Orphan Black,

Little Mosque, Motive, Heartland,

19-2, Republic of Doyle, Trailer Park

Boys, Letterkenny, Call Me Fitz,

22 Minutes, Bellevue, Rick Mercer

Report, Baroness von Sketch,

Kim’s Convenience

and more tell

the stories of our modern Canada;

they are seen in hundreds of terri-

tories around the world and some

are found in primetime slots on U.S.

carriers. CanCon is kickin’ it and

competing on the world stage.

Jackson Davies and Joanna Bennett



2009 rally on The Hill.

David Sparrow

ACTRA National President