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Candy Palmater is a broadcaster,

comedian and actor. Most recently

she has written the


Day Live

broadcast for APTN and

narrated the CBC series

True North


. She had her own TV show


The Candy Show

) on APTN for

five seasons and had her own radio

show (

The Candy Palmater Show


on CBC Radio One. Candy, a member

of the Eel River Bar First Nation,

is a former lawyer who is originally

from Point La Nim, New Brunswick.

She now lives with her wife, Denise,

and two dogs in Toronto.

Stacey AglukMacDonald has accomplished

what many may think is impossible. She

has managed to shoot a comedy sketch

show in Iqaluit entirely in Inuktitut. She

shoots outdoor scenes in a climate that

only gives her about four hours of daylight

and temperatures of 40 below!

She wanted to honour both her lan-

guage and her land while furthering the

long-standing Indigenous celebration

of comedy. The series, now in its sixth

season, combines sketch, news parody

and a myriad of other high jinks pulled

off by the two main actors, Vinnie Kare-

tak and Thomas Anguti Johnston. And it

has been drawing new players to the fold

by holding auditions in the North for sup-

porting actor roles.

Besides the weather and light, the chal-

lenges of making TV in the North also

include having to fly your equipment into

a remote community. Sometimes the wea-

ther hinders those flights, which result in

costly delays. In spite of all the challenges,

these young actors are making their mark

and making people laugh. They even had

TomGreen tweet about the show this past


The success of Canadian Indigenous

actors is also crossing the border and head-

ing to Hollywood! The much anticipated

Wonder Woman

movie tells the back-story

of WonderWoman, when she was a warrior

of the Amazon and the fight that drew her

out into the wider world.

Among the cast is Canadian Indigenous

actor Eugene Brave Rock. Originally from

Alberta, he is an experienced stunt person

who has worked in that capacity in




BuryMyHeart atWounded


, and trained the stunt people in



. Now, in this Hollywood block-

I remember themoment when I was seated

in front of the TV and Buffy Sainte-Marie

appeared on

Sesame Street

. The profound

impact that experience had onmy life and

career can’t be measured, but I can tell you

it was the first time I had the thought, “oh,

I could be on TV too”.

buster, Eugene steps squarely in front of

the camera in the role of Chief.

If you cast your mind back to the


vs. Superman

movie, there was a moment

when Bruce Wayne sees a photograph on

his computer of Wonder Woman standing

next to amysterious Indigenous character.

That character is Eugene Brave Rock.

Recently, ACTRAmembers attended the

Canadian Labour Congress, Together for a

Fair Future, at which it was declared that

reconciliation is a union issue. As ACTRA

continues to support Indigenous actors

in Indigenous roles and as those roles get

more and more complex, I believe the

Canadian entertainment industry is indeed

on the road to reconciliation.