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4 President’sMessage

Introducing David Sparrow

6 Adapting to Digital Disruption

By Stephen Waddell

8 ReconciliACTION

By Candy Palmater

14Men of Action

Q & Awith RobHayter &Mike Scherer

By Angelica Lisk-Hann

20 Political Action, Strength in Numbers

By Elliott Anderson

22 Ferne Downey’s “exit” interview

By Jeremy Webb

24 ACTRA’sWoman of the Year

Q & A with Tina Keeper

26 Applause

30WIDC celebrating 20 empowering years

By Carol Whiteman

32 Farewells

On the cover are

Mohawk Girls

stars Maika Harper, Jenny Pudavick,

Heather White and Brittany LeBorgne.

Pictured here is Eugene Brave Rock.

Check out Candy Palmater’s feature

story on page 8 about our new

generation of Indigenous performers.

Cover photo courtesy of Rezolutions Films. Photo: Éric Myre.




We all—as individuals,

as performers—bring

something to it. You’re

advancing the game,

you’remaking something

better, you’re creating

an opportunity, you’re

going down a new path.

Ferne Downey, page 22