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ACTRA advocates on behalf of its members to promote Canadian culture and protect performers on and off the job.

Smart government policy is a key ingredient to build an industry that tells Canadian stories, encourages audiovisual production in all genres, and creates work opportunities not just for Canadian performers but for the thousands of people who support Canada’s cultural industries.

In addition to advocating on behalf of its own membership, ACTRA also works closely with other trade unions, industry stakeholders and strategic partners on a wide range of public policy issues facing not only performers, but all Canadians.

For more on ACTRA’s advocacy efforts, please see our submissions and briefs as follows:

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Latest Press Release:
Friendly Giant Faces Firing Squad

May 2nd, 2018 - TORONTO, ON — Thousands of episodes of home-grown CBC television shows that captured life in Canada are about to be systematically destroyed.
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#ACTRA reiterates its position to #CRTC on why Cdn broadcasters should be required to pay their fair share in #CanCon creation as condition of..

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