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Statement from ACTRA President Ferne Downey on death of SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard

On behalf of performers here in Canada and all around the world, I want to express my sadness and condolences at the passing of SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard.

Ken was a talented performer, a visionary leader and a generous person. He had a beautiful and meaningful career as an actor and was well awarded for his work on stage and screen.Ferne-Ken-SAG-AFTRA-2013-convention-cropped

He was elected President of SAG in 2009, the same year I was elected President of ACTRA. We bonded immediately. He was a great strategic thinker and saw the promise of the big picture with crystal clarity.

He had a gift for bringing people together and, as a result, improved the working lives of performers both in the U.S. and globally. He not only worked relentlessly to build a stronger union for his members, he was an ally to performers all over the world. As President of ACTRA and of FIA (International Federation of Actors), I was always able to count on Ken for support and for solidarity. We owe him a huge debt.

Our thoughts are with Linda and his family and the larger family of performers grieving the loss of a great man.

With respect,
Ferne Downey
ACTRA President

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