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Calling all performers!

As we gear up for the upcoming federal election, we want ACTRA members to take the director’s seat and cast our next Canadian government. On Monday, October 19, you will play an important role in deciding our country’s direction for the next four years.

Your vote can help ensure that creating jobs for Canadian performers is a priority for our next prime minister/government. When we’re working, our nation’s culture thrives. The rich content we create and the stories we tell proudly weave the tapestry of our culture.

Although politics can seem pretty far away from our day-to-day lives as performers, our $85 billion-industry makes a significant contribution to Canada’s economy. It’s more important than ever that all levels of Canadian government provide appropriate recognition, investment and support to our production sector, the jobs it creates and the economic benefits it makes possible.

Did you know that in the last federal election, just a handful of voters (6,201 to be precise) made the difference in electing a majority government for the Conservatives? In that same election, almost 9.5 MILLION eligible Canadian voters DIDN’T cast a ballot. This is why your vote matters.

Our #castyourfuture campaign will equip you with election information, candidate profiles, events and news to help you decide who can best champion your industry, your jobs and your future.

Explore the role of the government, the candidates and the script, and be sure to make a Pledge to VOTE (action) on October 19 (we’ll even send you a reminder by text message!). Join ACTRA members from coast to coast so we can put together a nation-wide cast that shines bright. Lights, camera, VOTE!

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