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Federal Election 2011

May 2nd, vote for our voice. Vote for our culture.

Welcome to ACTRA’s Federal Election HQ!

This election is critical.  Our industry is changing rapidly; the digital revolution is presenting many exciting opportunities but also bringing a number of challenges:

  • We’re struggling to get shelf-space for our programming on all screens.
  • The institutions that help create our content – the CBC, CMF, Telefilm and NFB – are under financial strain.
  • Our copyright laws are sorely out of date and don’t reflect the digital reality
  • There is pressure to loosen restrictions on foreign ownership of broadcasting and telecommunications.
  • Artists are still struggling to make a fair living-wage.

ACTRA and our industry are adapting as well as we can given the tools we currently have, but to move forward we need leadership from the federal government in developing a national digital economy strategy that empowers creators and promotes our unique Canadian culture.

In this federal election we have a choice to vote for candidates who will show real leadership and support our vision of Cananda where artists have a voice.

Between now and Election Day on May 2nd we’ll be providing you some tools to help you choose the candidate who will stand-up for our industry and represent you as an artist.  Come back and visit often for more updates and information!

WATCH ACTRA’s Press Conference!
ACTRA held an election press conference with some of our biggest stars who all spoke passionately about the need to vote for culture. So many great things were said that it was hard to edit this down, but we hope you enjoy and pass along this video synopsis!

WATCH Your ACTRA VP Debate on Power & Politics
Tyrone Benskin, ACTRA National Vice-President and federal NDP Candidate for Jeanne-Le Ber, debates the importance of arts and culture on Power Play with Liberal Pablo Rodriguez and Conservative Tom Lukiwski. (skip ahead to an hour and 18 minutes) 

LISTEN to the CBC  Radio Q Panel
Conservative Dean Del Mastro, Liberal Bob Rae and the NDP’s Charlie Angus make a pitch for your ‘culture’ vote.

Election Flyer: I VOTE CULTURE!
ACTRA has created a handy flyer summarizing some of the top issues. Download it, print it off and keep it handy so you are ready to ask candidates where they stand when they knock on your door. Take it to town halls and feel free to share it around!
Election Flyer Colour PDF
Election Flyer Black and White PDF

Questions for your candidates
Make sure your next Member of Parliament will defend your rights as a cultural worker and ensure that our Canadian culture can flourish in the digital age. Ask them where they stand!

Party Platforms
All of the major national political parties have now released their election platforms. Here is a quick snapshot of what they have to say about culture – but we encourage you to check them out for yourself!

Party Responses to ACTRA’s Questionnaire
ACTRA sent a questionnaier to the major political aprties asking them where they stand on our key issues. See what they said!

Election Questionnaire Responses

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