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ACTRA backs recommendation calling on Internet Service Providers to contribute to Canadian culture

TORONTO, ON (June 15, 2017) — ACTRA President David Sparrow and ACTRA National Executive Director Stephen Waddell say Prime Minister Trudeau shouldn’t dismiss a recommendation from Parliament’s Heritage Committee that broadband internet service providers contribute to the Canada Media Fund.

“We want to see Canadian stories on our screens, and read Canadian news in the morning. The government has to act. Instead the Prime Minister seems to be avoiding the crisis,” said Sparrow. “Canadian broadcasters have been contributing to the production of Canadian film and television for generations. This change would simply ensure that corporations that profit from media distribution contribute to the making of it.”

“It’s unfortunate that the Prime Minister ignored the advice of his own MPs to side with Conservatives and groups like the Taxpayer’s Federation,” said Waddell. “This morning the Prime Minister said he was proud to ask wealthy Canadians to pay their fair share, yet he’s defending a loophole that allows profitable corporations to avoid contributing to Canadian culture.”

This morning Parliament’s Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage released a report calling for broadband Internet providers to help fund Canada’s media industries. The proposal echoes recommendations made by ACTRA in its submission to the Canadian Content in a Digital World consultations. Currently, Canadian broadcast and cable providers are required to contribute to the Canada Media Fund to finance the production of Canadian content. ACTRA, along with many other Canadians, has called for the same contribution rules to apply to corporations providing Internet service.

Click here to download ACTRA’s submission to consultations on Canadian Content in a Digital World.


Media contact:
Carol Taverner, ACTRA National Public Relations Officer, Tel: 416.644.1519, cell: 416.768.3336,

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