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Direct Deposit

Fast Track your ACTRA PRS Use fee payments!


ACTRA PRS is switching gears! Effective March 1, 2016, we will only issue cheques once per year. To ensure you receive Use fee payments throughout the year, sign up for direct deposit – it’s a fast and easy way to receive your money!

Signing up for direct deposit is a breeze!

If you receive Use fee payments directly from ACTRA PRS, just complete the downloadable authorization form and send it back to us…and that’s it! We’ll have your ACTRA PRS Use fee payments deposited directly into your bank or credit union account. With each deposit you’ll also receive a confirmation email that your payment has been deposited along with the payment details.

If you receive Use fee payments through your agent, confirm with the agency that it has registered for direct deposit to ensure you continue to receive payments throughout the year. Remember, your agent does not have the authority to direct or redirect your ACTRA PRS payments. ACTRA PRS takes direction on where to send payments from performers, so if there are any changes we need to hear from you!

So sign up today and spend more time doing what you really love!

Questions? Click here.

625 Church Street, suite 300
Toronto, ON M4Y 2G1
Phone 416-489-1311 ext. 5004
Fax 416-489-1040

If you would like to open a chequing or savings account with Creative Arts Savings and Credit Union (CASCU) – it’s easy to do online. Then just let us know you would like to have your ACTRA PRS Use fee payments deposited directly into your CASCU account.

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