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PRS Board and Staff

PRS Board of Directors
Ferne Downey, President
Alvin Sanders, Vice President
Theresa Tova, Treasurer
Richard Hardacre (Past President)
Barry Blake
Dan Libman
Simon Peacock
David Sparrow
Jeremy Webb

PRS Staff
Stephen Waddell, Executive Director
Laurie McAllister, Director, APRS
Cathy Somerville, Administrative Assistant
Max Wagner, Assistant Director
Rohini Gunaratnam, Finance Manager
Jessica Paes, Senior Claims Officer
Judy Land, Claims Administrator
Adela Sas, Research Analyst
Bev Calder, Claims Officer/Stunt Liaison
Patricia Lanca, Administrator
Kortnee Borden, International Co-ordinator
Colleen Necheff, Data Processing Clerk
Alison Lall, Data Processing Clerk (Maternity Leave)
Sharon Harkness, Data Processing Clerk (Temporary)
Jacqueline McCullagh, Bookkeeper
Lori Seaward, Administrative Assistant

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625 Church Street, 3rd floor,
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2G1

Phone 1-800-387-3516 or (416) 489-1311
Fax (416) 489-1040

Latest Press Release:
CBC must stop destruction of a vital part of Canada’s broadcast history

April 18th, 2018 - TORONTO, ON — The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has quietly launched a systematic process that will destroy a vital component of Canada’s cultural and broadcast heritage.
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PRS 2015 Annual Report

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