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Takeitpublic – We dare ya!

TakeItPublic is an ACTRA member task force created to facilitate the development and promotion of entertaining, provocative videos that will inspire the public of Canada to champion and cherish its culture.

How do you TakeItPublic? Do what you do best – entertain us!

This is a call-out to ACTRA members to create short videos, no longer than five minutes, that make us laugh, make us cry, and make us care about our culture.

Send them to our task force and we can help promote them to the world.

We’re performers and audiovisual work is what we do. So who better than us to create fun, engaging and enlightening videos?

Send an email with your full name and ACTRA membership number to to get the skinny on our campaign and how ACTRA members can submit their videos.

Please note this initiative is for ACTRA members only.

For pointers on how to create awesome videos for the Internet click here.

So why do we care so much about our culture anyway?

For one it’s what we do. Second, well, it’s all around you.

Stand where you are right now and take it in – art is culture, design is culture, architecture is culture, your t-shirt is culture, music is culture, books are culture, the very voice of your fellow Canadians on the street – it’s all culture. And culture makes you extraordinary!

Now remove it all – every last speck – feel that? That’s the loss of your soul. Tell me you don’t care.

Unfortunately, our unique culture is under attack. We have folks who think culture isn’t appreciated by ‘ordinary folks’ and that artists are elitists who spend every night at galas. We have broadcasters who spend gazillions on filling our airwaves with U.S. programming and can only find two hours in their schedules for our own Canadian drama a week.

Culture matters.

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