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Welcome to – Minors

Greetings ACTRA Members!

We’re excited to announce the launch of your new talent database –! The new website is faster and more user-friendly for you, and casting directors and producers. has replaced the old Face-to-Face (F2F) and talent websites.

Remember – your profile is only as good as YOU make it!

Here is what you need to know about and how to update your profile:

  • Login using your F2F username and password (if you’ve forgotten this information click here);
  • Your profile will not show up in searches by casting directors and producers until it is updated. Going forward, profiles in that have not been updated over a two-year period will also not show up in searches by casting directors and producers;
  • Your basic information and your headshot photo were transferred over from F2F to your profile;
  • All fields under Basic Information (under the Personal Statistics tab) are mandatory to complete – please review this information to ensure it is complete and up-to-date otherwise your profile will not show up in searches by casting directors and producers;
  • A 15-year sliding age range scale is now available in performer profiles (see FAQ #12 & #13 below);
  • Audio and video files were not transferred from F2F. You will need to add these files to your profile (see FAQs below for more information).

FAQs – for minors

Q1: How will casting directors and producers get in touch with me if I don’t have an agent listed in my profile?
A1: Casting directors and producers will be instructed to contact your branch about any casting opportunities.

Q2: Will personal information automatically be added to the Contact Information tab of my profile once I turn 18?
A2: Once you turn 18, you will receive a letter from ACTRA letting you know that you now have the choice of adding your personal contact information (name, phone and email) to your profile (personal contact information can only ever be viewed by casting directors and producers, not the general public). At this time your profile will also automatically be made public unless you opt out of the public search (see below on how to opt out of public search).

Q3: What do I do if I can’t remember my Face-to-Face user ID or password information to log-in to
A3: Go to the password reset webpage and enter your ACTRA membership ID, date of birth and the email address registered with ACTRA. Your username and password will be sent to your email.

Q4: Who can search my profile?
A4: All minor profiles are only searchable by casting directors and producers who are signatory to ACTRA. Once a minor turns 18, their profile will automatically be made searchable to the general public unless the user specifically chooses to make their profile private (personal contact information listed under the Contact Information tab will never be made available to the general public, only casting directors and producers).

Q5: I am now 18 and I don’t want my profile to be made available to the general public. How do I opt out of a public search?
A5: Under the main welcome message of your profile (“Hello [insert name]”) uncheck the ‘Available to Public’ box to opt out of the public search. Your profile will only be searchable by casting directors and producers who are signatory to ACTRA.

Q6: I would like to update my agent information on my profile. Can I do this in or do I have to call my branch?
A6: You can update your agent information in (see instructions below) but you must still contact your branch by phone or in writing and provide your new agent’s information (or notify if you have since become self-represented). If you do not notify your branch of this change by phone or in writing, your old agent may still have access to your profile and payments (cheque or direct deposit payments). To update your agent information in, go to the Contact Information tab and select your new agent from the drop-down list of agents.

Q7: I don’t see my agent listed in the drop-down list of agents. What do I do?
A7: Please contact your branch.

Q8: What personal contact information can be viewed under the Contact Information tab in my profile by casting directors and producers?
A8: Personal contact information cannot be added to minor profiles – only agent information.

Q9: I don’t have an agent. Can casting directors and producers still get in touch with me about a casting opportunity?
A9: If an agent is not listed on a minor profile casting directors and producers will be instructed to contact a minor’s branch about any casting opportunities.

Q10: I have not updated my profile in two years. Will my profile still be searchable by casting directors and producers?
A10: No. If you have not updated your profile within the last two years, your profile will no longer be searchable. To make your profile searchable again, just login and update your profile. Automated reminders will be sent to members in advance of any two-year periods of no profile updates on

Q11: I already have a profile on one of the casting microsites (, and If I make an update in my profile, will my other profile(s) automatically be updated?
A11: No. Currently, the microsites run independently of If you make any changes to your profile, you will also have to do so in any of your microsite profiles.

Q12: Are there any adjustable age range options available in my profile?
A12: Age ranges will be defaulted to appear as -5 years and +5 years from your actual age. You can choose to amend this by adjusting the 15-year sliding age range scale in your profile (for example, if you are 15 years old and can play as young as 10 or as old as 25 you can adjust the sliding age scale in your profile accordingly).

Q13: I don’t want my age to be displayed in my profile. Can I choose to make this information private?
A13: Yes. Please note: if you opt-out of displaying your age your profile will not show up in any age searches by casting directors and producers.

Q14: What gender identification options are available to artists on
A14: Listed below you will find the gender identification options available to artists on

  1. Gender options: only male or female gender options can be selected in an artist’s profile. If you would like to change the gender listed in your profile please contact your branch;
  2. Transgendered artists: if you are transgendered and would like to include this in your profile please go to the Additional Attributes section under the Work Details tab and select either trans-male or trans-female;
  3. Drag artists: if you are a drag artist and would like to add this to your profile, please go to the Special Skills section under the Personal Statistics tab and check Drag Artist;
  4. Suggestions? Please let us know if we can make any changes to improve the gender identification options on

Q15: I noticed that not all of my Face-to-Face profile information (clothing measurements (shoe, hat, etc.), training, awards, work status, bio) was transferred to my new profile. Why is this?
A15: ACTRA worked with casting directors and producers in developing the most important casting elements they look for in a search. ACTRA tailored with the information that would best meet the needs of the casting community.

Q16: I don’t see all of the photos or any of the audio and/or video recordings from my Face-to-Face profile in my profile. What happened to these other items?
A16: Only your headshot (primary) photo and résumé were transferred to your profile. All other media (up to two (2) additional photos and up to three (3) video and audio recordings) must be added to your new profile.

Q17: Why is the new photo I uploaded to my profile not yet showing up?
A17: Photos will be held as pending until approved by an administrator. This might take up to three (3) business days.

Q18: My Face-to-Face profile allowed up to 10 photos to be uploaded to my profile. Why can’t I upload the same number to my profile?
A18: The new system only allows one headshot and two additional photos to be uploaded to a profile (please note the system will only accept JPG files).

Q19: How do I upload video and audio recordings to my profile?
A19: Posting your audio and video files is easy – just go to the Media tab in your profile and click on the ‘Reel’ section. Copy and paste your URL directly into the field under ‘video/audio url’ (only links to YouTube or VIMEO are supported). A total of three media links for both audio and video clips are allowed.

Q20: What do I do if I have a question that is not listed in these FAQs?
A20: Please email for assistance.

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