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Notice to ACTRA Members – Performer Residency

As you know, Producers often apply for industry tax credits and/or grants under provincial and federal programs. ACTRA has pledged its cooperation with Producers to ensure they receive sufficient residency information from the Performers who work under the Independent Production Agreement (IPA) to meet the requirements for receipt of these tax credits and/or grants.

To that end, we are writing to advise you of the documents a Producer may request you supply. Performers must provide these documents to the Producer at the time of your contract of engagement negotiation. Background Performers must provide these documents by your call time on your first day of engagement.

You may be required to provide the Producer with a declaration of residency as well as a provincial driver’s licence and one or more of the following documents as proof of residency:

  1. a Notice of Assessment;
  2. a mortgage, rental or lease agreement with rent receipts;
  3. utility bills;
  4. a property tax notice;
  5. a Motor Vehicle Registration; or
  6. an insurance policy covering a Canadian residence.

If you are engaged through a loan-out corporation, you may be asked to provide to the Producer the loan-out corporation’s most recent Notice of Assessment as well as the most recent Schedule 50 indicating whether the loan-out corporation has single or multiple shareholders. If the loan-out corporation is newly formed and has not yet filed tax returns, you may be asked to provide a Shareholder Register.

Click here to download the bulletin in PDF form for your records.

FAQs – Performer Residency

Q1 – Why is it necessary for me to now complete the proof of residency requirements as outlined in the 2016-2018 IPA?
A1 – To be eligible to receive a tax credit/grant from a provincial and/or the federal government, a Producer must first provide proof of residency for those Performers they have hired for a specific production. Such information shall be kept confidential and held in compliance with all applicable privacy legislation except to the extent necessary to obtain the production tax credits.

Q2 – What are/Are there any consequences should I choose not to provide the proof of residency?
A2 – A Performer on an ACTRA contract has two (2) days to provide the required documentation after it is requested from a Producer. If a Performer fails to provide the required documentation, the Producer may cancel a Performer’s contract. Cancellation fees are not payable when a Performer is unable to provide the proof of residency documentation. Background Performers must bring proof of residency when they arrive on set or their contract may be cancelled and they will be replaced immediately.

Q3 – Do I have to provide proof of residency requirements for each production in which I perform even if it is with the same Producer?
A3 – Yes. Performers are required to provide proof of residency for every production for which they are contracted unless the Producer states otherwise.

For a list of all FAQs relating to the 2016-2018 IPA, please click here.


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