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Unfair Engagers

Do not work for these engagers! If you have any questions please call your ACTRA Branch.

(As of April 24, 2019)


95454 Canada Limited (Sheila Leyrand)
They Who Surround Us Productions Inc. (Rosanne Milliken)

K.C. Films and Promotions Ltd (Dieter Kohler) Total Image Productions

Trillium Hill Productions / Bruce Dennis of Fredericton Zenotropa Real Fiction

Group 3 Films Ltd.

Wacko Productions (Wendy Wacko)

Futronics Inc.

Cinema Star Minutes Muffler

89995 Canada Ltd.
94442 Canada Inc. as: The Lucky Star Productions Aries Productions Ltd. (Allan Avrith)
Boardlords Productions Inc. (Rudy Rupak)
Bolt Productions (Chuck Smiley)
Caneuran Films Inc.
Cine-Sync (Philip Garcia)
Classic Film Industries (Julian Metzack)
Consiglio and Associates Inc.
Decarie and Tanguay
Dermet Productions (John Vidette)
DRGN Productions Inc. (Nick Celozzi, Dimitri Logothetis, Michael Yedor)
Film Three Productions Inc.
Groupe Sonocam (Michel Fizzano)
Kay Studios (Earl Kay, Marcel Lehrer) Michel Audy
Orpheus Films Inc. (Rafael Levey)
O-Zail Films Inc. (Gordon Sheppard)
Publicite Dominion Inc.
Rafal Productions Inc. (Rafal Zielinsky)
Salon International Voyages
Shanda Productions (Dan Shannon)
TVA International
Usine Galaxie Image (Jean Lemieux)

Active Productions
Multi-Visual Ltd. (Rolly Desmarais)
The Quiet Voice Productions Inc. (Michael Dobbin)
Terra Nova Film Productions Ltd.

Out of the Darkness Productions (Rueben Martell)

Granicus Films (Bohdan Wowk)

2444966 Ontario Inc (Jo Marr)
Active Productions (Ted Gzebb)
Air Kraft (Paul Marshall)
Altor Media Corporation (Don Ginsberg)
Amaranth Productions
Argosy Films Inc. (Herbert Abramson)
Avid (Paul Lightfoot)
Baxter Multi-Media Inc. (William Baxter)
B.D.F. Productions Ltd.
Bedford Group,
The Bennet Fode
Black Sea Productions (A. Ochrymovytch)
Bothanos (Tom Vachliotis)
Brian McKenna – **Not the ACTRA award-winning Brian McKenna
Camp Canada
Canadian Telemedia Productions Ltd. (Ralph Kirchen)
Canadian Trend Communications
Cardinal Communications “Commershells”,
260450 Investments
Communications Centre Inc.,
The (Keith Elshaw) Communications
Tactix (Marco Brandao)
Corporate Images Marketing and Communication Creative Buffet,
The (Tom Vachliotis)
David Ascher Productions Ltd.
David Brown Advertising Ltd.
Electric Entertainment (Paul Osborn, “Doctor On Call”)
Famous Players Film Corporation
Far Shore (Joyce Weiland, Judy Steed)
Film & Slide WorkshopPg.
F.P.S. Studios (Carl Hodges)
Fred Melstead Productions
Generation X (Jim Banks)
Glen Bonham Productions (Glen Bonham)
Guerilla High Productions
Hazelton Motion Pictures Inc. (David Eustace)
He Never Died (Ontario) Inc. (Adam Shully)
Healthlink Communications Inc.
Homeservice Club of Canada
Hughes Ludlow & Associates Ltd. (David A. Hughes)
Innovative Images (Greg Hancock)
Inspiration Pictures Inc. (Martin Julian)
Inter Global Music
International Connections Associates
IPS Recording Studios (John DeNottbeck, Paul Goulet)
J.R.C. Communications
JRTA8911 Inc. (Robert Johnston)
Legend Film Corporation (Daniel E. McLeod)
Lightscape Productions (Phillip Jackson) Media Corporation
Michael Patrick Entertainment / 2167291 Ontario Inc. (Michael Patrick)
Milmar Productions Enterprises Ltd
MJM Productions and M.J. McCurlie Media Inc. (Laurie McCurlie)
MLG Productions
Motivideo Productions Inc. (Hugh McCall)
Movie Partners Inc. (Howard Hurst)
Musichall Productions (Peter Ingster)
Nasus Limited
Norcom Films Co. (Jim Ross aka Enrique Gutirrez)
Northern Lights (Brad Thrasher, Joy Peterson, Tom Peacock) – **Not to be confused with Northern
Lights Communications Group Inc. or Northern Lights Direct Response Television Inc.
Ontario Limited 1096856 B.C. Productions (Booze Can Productions, Sandy Creighton)
Productions (Nancy McLean, Barry McLean)
Paradise Films Ltd.
Paris in New York Productions (Belinda Michel/Belinda Drover)
Pentcomm (Henry Thompson)
Personnel Training Services Peter Kiviloo
Phalanx Group, The (Avi Ben-Yehuda)
Polygon Media Productions (Walter Soles)
Quadramedia Management Inc.
Rai Productions (Ilse Krob) aka Idea Woman aka Action Media
Realtime Communications (Robert
Rhino Productions (Interesting Productions Sam Bari)
Robert Ennis Productions aka Inter Connections (Robert Ennis)
Scene II Productions Inc. (Brian A.T. Shaw)
Scherberger Films (Aiken Sherberger)
Science Communications International (Sci Productions) (Taras Pavlyshyn)
Seaburg Cosmetics Inc.
Shannon Advertising (Jim Copeland)
St. Paul Film Productions
Strauss & Associates Tele-Marque Systems
Telestories Entertainment Inc.
That Commercial Place
Thesaurus Feature Films Ltd. aka Television Productions Ltd. (William Poulis)
Third Language Research and Marketing Ltd.
VC & B Marketing (Tom Vachliotis)
Video Corporate Reports Inc. (Brian Couch)
Videocomm Ltd.
Video Graffiti (Karl Rigelhof)
Wittman-Richter Film Productions (Peter Wittman, Ota Richter)
Words & Music Programming Syndicate Inc.

Adam’s Advertising Ltd.
B.D.F. Productions Ltd.
Catalena Productions Ltd. (Ian MacLennan)
Clancy Grass Productions
Erin Films Ltd. (Harry Cole)
Fusion Generation Productions Ltd. (R. Paul Dhillon)
Hal Walters Creative Services
Hart Productions Inc. (Ralph Scobie)
Hot Street Productions Ltd. (Christopher Brough)
Iona Enterprises (Bob Brooks)

Scene II Productions Inc. (Brian A.T. Shaw)

Boundary Six Limited (Errick F. Willis)
Centre Street Film Productions (Manitoba) Ltd. (J. William McCaughey)
K- Tel International Limited
Westhawk Productions (J. William McCaughey)



Ralph Andrews Productions (Ralph Andrew, Stan Cameron)

Albert Jay Rosenthal & Co.

Al Hamel Productions (American Home Productions)
Apollo Pictures Inc.
Cinema Seven Productions Limited (Elliott Kastnet)
Dalrymple Productions
Edgar J. Sherick Associates Inc.
Jack Armstrong Productions
Kolar/Passer Productions
Major Arts Corporation
Mayfair Productions Inc.
New Century Productions Ltd.
New Visions Pictures
Perennial Productions Inc.
R & R Productions Inc. (Leonard Grainger)
Spiegal-Bergman Films Inc. (Larry Spiegal, Mel Bergman)
Steve Ammerman
Tanbar Inc. (Barry Roberts, Tanya Roberts)
Winters/Hosen Productions

AC & R Advertising
American Video Productions Inc.
New Sky Communications (Carl Reynolds)
Phil Stein Enterprises Ltd.
Seymour Schorr Productions
Tilos Productions Inc.

Norstar Communications (J. Charles Sterin, President)

Give & Take Productions Inc. (Phil Morrison, John Bradshaw)


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