ACTRA performers are UNDER ATTACK by several advertising agencies, including Cossette Media which produces the federal government’s commercials.

In April 2022, the agencies locked out unionized performers in an attempt to bust the union. But you can help get them back to work!

Tell Ottawa to terminate its advertising Agency of Record Cossette Media which is one of the agencies locking out unionized ACTRA performers and using taxpayer funds to pay replacement, non-union workers instead.

The federal government is complicit in the suffering of unionized performers and their families since April 26, 2022, by lining the pockets of a union busting agency intent on undermining ACTRA performers in the commercial sector.

How can a government that has promised anti-scab legislation at the same time be paying scabs to perform in its commercials?

Please use our easy form below to write your MP and the Cabinet Ministers responsible and tell them to do the right thing! They must terminate Cossette Media unless it bargains fairly with Canada’s professional actors. And while you’re at it, tell Ottawa that federal procurement policy must be revised to ban any federal contractor from using replacement workers.

If you are a locked out performer, take the time to personalize your letter and let the government know how huge the impact has been to your life. Tell Ottawa that they should not help agencies like Cossette rake in profits while hard-working Canadian talent suffers due to union busting tactics!

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