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Stephen Waddell
National Executive Director

Stephen Waddell is ACTRA’s National Executive Director and the union’s Chief Negotiator. Having obtained a degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Stephen began his career in 1970 as a Toronto-based staff representative for the International Woodworkers of America. In 1972, Stephen left the IWA to work as Assistant General Secretary of ACTRA. In 1984, Stephen was recruited by the Screen Actors Guild and moved to Los Angeles where he became SAG’s Assistant Hollywood Executive Director. Leaving SAG in 1988 to return to Canada, Stephen became a talent agent at a national talent agency based in Toronto where he successfully represented leading performers, writers and directors. In 1992, Stephen was enticed back to work for ACTRA as National Executive Director where he continues today as chief negotiator and chief of staff of the national performers’ union. In 2007, Stephen led ACTRA members through their first strike in the union’s 65-year history. The primary issue of the strike was compensation for performers in New Media production. This successful strike led to the first collective bargaining agreement in the world to contain provisions for New Media production and Use.  In 2015, Stephen headed negotiations that resulted in another ground-breaking achievement – the establishment of a Prepayment for Use of all New Media productions, which allows Canadian performers to enjoy the best contractual minimum fees and Use rights for New Media production in the world.

Cathia Badiere Director, Research
Lisa Blanchette Director, Public Policy & Communications
Anna Bucci Director, Finance and Administration
Daintry Dalton Regional Executive Director
Manny Kandola Director, Information Services
Laurie McAllister Director, ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society
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