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Our Policies

ACTRA’s mission continues to be ensuring that our union is a place of strength and safety that performers are proud to call home. Our work is guided by member-driven policies that are administered by staff.

ACTRA’s Constitution and By-Laws
The ACTRA National Constitution is the members’ agreement that defines their relationship and conduct with each other and with their organization. Constitutional amendments may be effected by a referendum vote of all ACTRA Full members, upon recommendation of the National Council.

ACTRA National’s By-Laws provide the ways and means to carry out the constitutional agreement. Changes to the By-Laws can be made at any meeting of the National Council.

Read the ACTRA National Constitution and By-Laws

List of schools that qualify under By-Law No.1, Section II, 2

ACTRA’s Financial Statements
ACTRA posts its annual financial statements for members to view.

Click here to see ACTRA’s Financials

ACTRA Equality Statement
In June 2010, ACTRA’s National Council unanimously adopted the Equality Statement below, on the initiative of the ACTRA Women’s Committee. This inspiring document affirms ACTRA’s commitment to zero tolerance of harassment.

Click here to read the full statement

Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct
On November 23, 2017, the industry released a statement committing to zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence and established working groups to explore the development of a Code of Conduct, safer reporting measures and industry-wide education and training. This Code of Conduct is only the first step in achieving these goals. Working together, we have attempted to be broad in application, inclusive and specific in addressing concerns raised by the brave people who came forward with their experiences of harassment of all kinds.

Click here to read the Code of Conduct

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