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RE: Australian performers on strike

August 10, 2009 – Attention all ACTRA members:

Australian actors are now on strike and will not work on offshore TV commercials shot in Australia until an agreement is reached with the Screen Producers? Association of Australia (SPAA). An overwhelming majority (98%) of Australia’s actors voted to strike on offshore television commercials if a deal with the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) could not be reached.

ACTRA members are instructed not to work on any advertising in Australia unless such commercials are being produced on a contract between the producer and MEAA. The Australian union’s Offshore Commercials Agreement is a joint MEAA/SPAA contract that sets the rates of pay and conditions for performers’ work on television commercials that are shot in Australia but screened overseas.

Australian and Canadian actors have a long-standing tradition of working together to improve the terms and conditions for performers. We support our Australian sisters and brothers in their struggle to protect their employment conditions and we remain hopeful that a fair and equitable deal will be reached between MEAA and SPAA as a result of this strike action.

In Solidarity,

Stephen Waddell
National Executive Director

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