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Take Action to Stop Bill C-377!

December 7, 2012

The Conservative Government is in the process of ramming through the “anti-union” Bill C-377 in the House of Commons. This Private Members’ Bill would force every union, every local, every local labour council, every labour federation and the Canadian Labour Congress to file intrusive financial reports to be posted on a public website. Take action now to stop this unprecedented attack.

This Bill could cost taxpayers $32 million to $45 million a year, just to be administered, and could cost ACTRA thousands of dollars per year. It would create onerous red tape – to what purpose? One of the strangest things about this Bill is that it’s being presented as trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Unions are already accountable to their members. ACTRA’s financial reports are posted yearly¬†for members online and made available locally. There’s even more accountability to our members with the online release of our 2011/2012 ACTRA PRS Annual Report.

The Canadian Bar Association says Bill C-377 should be withdrawn because it would invade the personal privacy of individual Canadians and is likely unconstitutional and Canada’s federal Privacy Commissioner states that the bill would invade personal privacy and overreaches in its intent.

This Bill would not benefit ACTRA members in any way. It would definitely be costly for us.

Ask your Member of Parliament to vote against the anti-union Bill C-377. To email your MP please click here.

Also, please take a moment to sign this Petition against the Bill.

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