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International Relations

Several years ago ACTRA PRS became involved in the international arena to help ensure that its Members and Assignors received every single cent that is available to them from their work in recorded media for film, television and music.  The exchange of monies between countries is accomplished through reciprocal agreements. These reciprocal agreements are primarily established as a result of building global relationships with sister trade unions and Collective Management Organizations (CMOs).  As you know ACTRA President Ferne Downey is also the President of the International Federation of Actors.  Under the direction of our National Executive Director Stephen Waddell, our Director of PRS, Brad Keenan, is a member of the FIA Legal Committee, LGBT Committee, and the Collective Management Working Group.  As well, Brad has been actively involved in FIA’s participation at the World Intellectual Property Organization with respect to the Beijing Treaty and its goal to bring moral and economic rights to AV performers around the world.  In addition, Brad is the Chairman of the Board for the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights (SCAPR).  Our involvement in SCAPR since 2007 has seen us invest in two global databases which are used by SCAPR global members as tools to assist in the exchange of monies internationally.  General overviews of SCAPR and the two global databases are set out below.   ACTRA and ACTRA PRS need to work beyond Canada’s borders to ensure our Members’ and Assignors intellectual property rights are protected, and that all remuneration to which they are entitled ends up in their pockets.

What is SCAPR?

SCAPR is an international collaboration of CMOs focussed on promoting the exchange of remuneration due to performing artists both internationally and nationally.  Since the founding meeting in Vienna in 1986, SCAPR’s activities have taken on a more formal nature, but with the same informal, cooperative aim as before. We feel that it is important for performers’ rights to be administered in a transparent, efficient and cost-effective way. Performers must feel that their interests are being suitably protected when their performances are being exploited more extensively than ever before.

What is IPD?

In many countries around the world, performing artists enjoy intellectual property rights in their performance in the same way as authors enjoy intellectual property rights in their works. For instance if a recording containing a performance is broadcast or communicated to the public in some other way, remuneration is due for the benefit of the participating performers.  Such remuneration rights are managed collectively by performers’ rights management organizations in the International Performers Database (IPD).  Through the IPD, these organizations have the task of identifying the performing artists whose recorded performances have been used, and their mandate information, in order to be able to distribute the remuneration collected by them for performers in their own countries and abroad.

What is VRDB+?

VRDB+ is a database used for identification of sound and audiovisual recordings. It facilitates exchange of recording among the CMOs that use it around the world.



Latest Press Release:
ACTRA names Sarah Polley 2020 Woman of the Year

March 4th, 2020 - Toronto, ON — Canadian performers are shining a spotlight on ACTRA member Sarah Polley by naming her their 2020 ACTRA National Woman of the Year. ACTRA bestows this honour annually on an ACTRA member who excels in both her artistic and advocacy achievements.
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