About Recording Artists’ Collecting Society (RACS)

The Recording Artists’ Collecting Society (RACS) is a division of ACTRA that collects and distributes equitable remuneration (neighbouring rights and private copying) to eligible recording artists.  For many years, Canadian songwriters have received royalties from the broadcast or public performance of their songs.  These royalties are collected by SOCAN.  In 1997, the Copyright Act of Canada was amended to acknowledge the essential contribution of recording artists and record companies in the creation of recorded music and to add a right to equitable remuneration which is in line with similar rights in the rest of the world.  At RACS, it is our responsibility to put these monies into the hands of recording artists.

RACS represents more than 6,500 recording artists domestically and countless more through our reciprocal agreements.  The recording artists registered with RACS range form unsigned indie acts to acclaimed international Jazz artists, and from featured  vocalists to session players and background musicians.

Since 1998, RACS has distributed more than $73 million to recording artists and the amount continues to increase.  To see how we did in 2013/2014, read our Annual Report.  We believe that these monies are a vital source of revenue for recording artists and contribute to their long-term success.

The RACS staff is constantly busy managing repertoire, processing payments and making sure that recording artists are registered with us.  We work hard so that the artists we represent can continue focusing on their craft and doing what they do best: recording music.

If you are interested in receiving our E-blast newsletter, let us know at racs@actra.ca.

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