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Being a Professional

Members are professionals
In the hectic world of film, television, digital media and commercial production, professionalism is the biggest asset that any performer can have. Producers engage ACTRA members because they meet a certain standard of skill, training and dedication to their craft. As an ACTRA member, you are expected to be professional. You also have rights – standards you can expect as a professional.

Being a professional means:

  • When you accept the booking from your agent or the casting director, make sure you have a clear idea of the requirements of the role, the location, the time and the date of the shoot. If anything is unclear, ask questions.
  • At the time of booking, inform your agent or the casting director if you have a commitment for other work that could limit your ability to do overtime on that day.
  • Your word is your bond – if you accept a booking, you’re committed to that production for the duration of the production day. Don’t cancel!
  • Be on time. A professional always arrives prepared to work at least 10 minutes before call.
  • Be organized. If the production asks you to bring wardrobe, have it ready to show to the wardrobe assistants.
  • Follow instructions. When you’re moved from place to place, go quickly and quietly.
  • Don’t bring valuables to a production.
  • Don’t take food, drinks or anything that’s not part of the set onto the set.
  • Respect the set. Don’t rearrange things to suit yourself.
  • Don’t wear your own make-up to the set unless asked. Don’t rearrange your hair, make-up or wardrobe for personal comfort.
  • Do your job, remember your actions and give the same actions each time – unless directed otherwise.
  • Listen attentively. Don’t make the ADs repeat instructions.
  • Be aware of equipment and what the camera is doing. Learn to know when you’re in a frame and when you’re not.
  • Take washroom breaks during slack times.
  • When you go for a break or to the washroom, tell the AD, PA or casting person responsible where you’re going. Don’t just wander off, and always return immediately.

As an ACTRA member, you’re a professional and you have rights:

  • The right to a fair wage
  • The right to compensation for use of your image and performance
  • The right to safe and acceptable working conditions
  • The right to artistic freedom
  • The right to maintain control over artistic output
  • The right to be treated respectfully as an integral component of the production industry and as a contributing member of the Canadian cultural fabric

Working rules for ACTRA members
ACTRA’s Constitution and By Laws spell-out the basic working rules for our membership:

  • Don’t work for engagers who are not signatories to the relevant ACTRA agreement.
  • Don’t work without a signed contract.
  • Don’t work for a fee less than the minimum set out in the relevant agreement.
  • Only work with ACTRA members in good standing or non-members permitted by ACTRA.
  • Keep ACTRA up-to-date with your photo, résumé, address, phone number, email address, GST number and agency information.

These rules are essential in maintaining our collective agreements and in protecting the rates and working conditions we have won through years of negotiations.

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