1. What is the difference between a Prepayment and an Advance?
See “Understanding Your Use Fee Payment

2. I recently saw a movie/TV show I was in. Am I entitled to any residuals?
Please contact our Sr. Claims Officer: Ashley Martin

3. How do I change my information with ACTRA PRS?
Visit the “Have you moved” section of our site

4. I think I am missing a payment what do I do?
Call 416 489-1311 and ask for Patricia Lanca (ext 5022)

5. How do you figure out how to pay each performer?
See our page on “Unit Calculations

6. Why does ACTRA PRS deduct a service charge?
See our page on “The ACTRA PRS 5% Service Charge

7. Why do I not always get my GST?
We collect HST/GST from Canadian producers but other countries are not required to pay HST/GST, and we remit HST/GST collected to performers for that have provided ACTRA with an HST/GST number.

8. What happens when ACTRA PRS cannot collect reuse fees from the producer?
The terms of the IPA allows PRS to pursue a producer through the formal Grievance Arbitration procedures, which provides a final ruling on all outstanding payments, in addition to other measures available under audit provisions in the IPA, bankruptcy and receivership law, and other laws.