ACTRA PRS wants to pay out all amounts that are due and owing to performers. When performers forget to change their addresses, or Estates do not keep us up to date on current contact information, payments are returned to us and categorized as “Unclaimed Money.” We rely on all members of ACTRA to keep us informed where your money should be sent.

If you are a performer who has worked under an ACTRA agreement or an Estate Trustee or administrator, and you have not kept your address and contact information up to date with ACTRA PRS, or you are holding on to an uncashed cheque from PRS, we might have Unclaimed Money for you.

If your name or a performer you know is listed in the Performer search below, please contact Patricia Lanca at 416-489-1311 ext. 5022 or We’d be happy to hear from you and arrange for payment.

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