Producers and Distributor Resource

Producers, distributors and rights holders are a very important part of the Performers’ Rights Society community. Part of our relationship with engagers includes the collection of use payments and their associated reporting which are governed by the applicable IPA Agreement that the title was produced under. The collection of this reporting is of great importance to the livelihood of our members, who are the lifeblood of the industry.

To ease the reporting process, this page includes links to individual IPA Agreements as well as reporting templates which can be completed by the engager when scheduled reporting is due. As per Article B511 a) of the IPA, the delivery of reports to the Guild shall commence 60 days following the delivery of the Production to the Distributor and semi-annually thereafter. Regularly scheduled reporting is still due in cases where no monies have been collected.

IPA Agreements
The following links will lead you to Section B of the IPA Agreements which govern the production in question. If you are unsure of which IPA Agreement your production falls under, contact ACTRA PRS and we will gladly inform you.

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Reporting Templates
Listed below are links to templates which an engager may use to simplify the reporting process which is due to ACTRA PRS. To choose the correct form for your production, simply identify which IPA Agreement the production in question falls under, then select the report which pertains to which Use Fee option was chosen at the time of production – the ADVANCE option (explanation), or the PREPAY option. Also available are TIP and CPIP reports for productions which fall under those agreements. Again, if assistance is required, please contact PRS at any time.

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·  January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2015

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