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The deadline to comment has now passed.

Let your voice be heard: help urge the CRTC to take action against online theft

As a member of the Fair Play Canada coalition, ACTRA – along with other Canadian content creator groups – is urging the CRTC to take action to address the theft of digital content by illegal piracy websites.

The jobs of hundreds of thousands of Canadians who work in the creative sector – including ACTRA performers – are at risk due to increasing online piracy. Payments from legitimate streaming services, broadcasters, distributors and exhibitors help support these artists and creators.

Fair Play Canada is asking the CRTC to modernize the tools used to protect Canadian artists from online piracy. The coalition is proposing the CRTC establish an independent agency, the Independent Piracy Review Agency (IPRA), to assist it in identifying websites blatantly engaged in content theft. The CRTC would require Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to take measures to prevent such sites from reaching Canadians. The IPRA and CRTC process would be subject to oversight by the Federal Court of Appeal.

How to Take Action:

Let the CRTC know you want them to take action against piracy:

To support the FairPlay Canada proposal, click here.

We’ve highlighted a few items below to assist you when completing the form:

Under “Submit an Intervention”
My intervention is in – select “Support” You must include your comments (intervention) in the box below – we’ve included some ideas to consider:

  • As a Canadian performer, the online theft of my work not only affects my ability to be paid fairly for it but also my ability to have a say in how my image is used. Canada’s cultural industries are the foundation of our country’s cultural fabric; and the ability of international websites to steal our work hurts an industry that creates over 360,000 jobs and adds $54.6B to our economy. I support the Fair Play Canada proposal to establish an Independent Piracy Review Agency so we ensure Canadian creators are protected from online theft.
  • As a member of Canada’s creative community, I value net neutrality. Canadians should have the right to a fair and open Internet. But, this does not mean that international websites have the right to steal our work. Theft is theft. I support the Independent Piracy Review Board proposed in the Fair Play Canada submission (2018-0046-7) because it would protect net neutrality while also ensuring those profiting off the work of others would be prohibited from doing so.
  • The establishment of an Independent Piracy Review Agency as proposed in the Fair Play Canada submission (2018-0046-7) is a fair and reasonable way to address the ongoing online theft by international websites. The reality is, Canada’s current and outdated copyright legislation does not provide the right tools to help artists and creators protect their work. This new, modern approach as outlined in this proposal respects the new reality of growing online content consumption but helps to ensure these piracy websites can’t reach Canadians or hurt Canadian creators. It’s a win-win.
  • It’s already proven that if you take action against online piracy, consumers will shift to legal streaming services and away from illegal piracy websites. There are already numerous examples of other countries doing so with success, including the U.K. and Portugal. I support Canada following their lead by creating an Independent Piracy Review Agency as outlined in the Fair Play Canada submission (2018-0046-7). We need to protect our creative content and ensure Canadian artists are fairly compensated for the use of their work.

Under “Do you wish to Appear?”
If an Appearing Hearing is held, would you wish to appear to make a presentation before the CRTC? – select ‘I do not wish to appear’

Don’t forget to “agree” to the Terms and Conditions and the Confirmation of Service (which simply means the CRTC will share a copy of your comments with the FairPlay Canada coalition).

The deadline to submit comments is 8:00 p.m. EST on March 29, 2018.

Share a message on social media asking the CRTC to take action – examples:

  • As a Cdn performer, I’m asking the #CRTC to take action against #onlinepiracy. Help content creators protect our work #cdnpoli #FairPlayCA
  • Let’s join the UK, South Korea, Portugal & others and take a stand against #onlinepiracy. The #CRTC should protect Canadian creators #FairPlayCA #cdnpoli
  • #Onlinepiracy is theft – plain and simple. It’s time to help protect Canadian Creators. #CRTC #FairPlayCA #cdnpoli

Fair Play Canada website (

Response to OpenMedia campaign
OpenMedia is running a campaign opposing the Fair Play Canada coalition’s proposal. Here, let’s debunk OpenMedia’s arguments point-by-point (click on the quote boxes to read ACTRA’s response):







OpenMedia generates a lot of media interest and a lot of fundraising money raising the alarm about threats to Internet privacy and freedom of expression. In this case, they are way off-base.

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