ACTRA and the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) agreed to a one-year (June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023) renewal of the National Commercial Agreement (NCA), including the Local and Regional (L&R) Commercial Addendum, to provide stability for the industry. On June 1, the Association des agences de communication créative (A2C) joined ACA and ACTRA in the renewal of the NCA to ensure Quebec advertising agencies will continue to have access to ACTRA’s professional performers. The renewal agreement came into effect on June 1 and provides a two per cent increase to rates and fees.

The NCA establishes the terms and conditions for on- and off-camera performers engaged in English-language commercial production in Canada and ensures reasonable pay, benefits and retirement contributions.

ACTRA Members have been advised not to accept work from the Engagers that have unlawfully locked out ACTRA performers from the workplace. Click here for the list of Locking Out Engagers.

2017-2020 NCA
2017-2020 Local and Regional Addendum
2017-2020 NCA Errata (as of July 11, 2019)
2022-2023 Memorandum of Agreement
2020-2021 Memorandum of Settlement
2017-2020 Memorandum of Settlement
ACTRA Online Opportunity Pilot Project
L&R ACTRA Online Opportunity Pilot Project
NCA Rates
2022-2023 NCA Rates
Digital Residual Use
Canada/ US Calculations 2403 including Appendix A
TV & Digital Session Fees
Required Forms
2022-2023 Letter of Continuance – National
2022-2023 Letter of Continuance – A2C & ACTRA (Bilingual)
2022-2023 Letter of Continuance – Local & Regional
Intent to Produce
Appendix F – Audition Sign-In Timesheet – Members
Appendix F – Audition Sign-In Timesheet – Non-Members
Appendix F – Audition Sign-In Additional Pages – Members
Appendix F – Audition Sign-In Additional Pages – Non-Members
App H – Session Payment Form
App I – Residual Payment Form
Additional Forms and Documents
APP C1 – 706/707 Intent to Produce
APP B – Work Permit Application
Appendix D – Request to Produce PSA Commercial
APP E – Booking Confirmation
APP J – Statutory Declaration for Casting Directors
APP L – Parental Audition Consent Form
APP M – Declaration of Parent in the Engagement of Minors
APP N – Chaperon Form & Emergency Medical Authorization
APP O – Minors’ Trust Deductions
APP P – Transfer of Rights
APP R – Working Conditions
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