Mediation fails to
end shameful lockout

The sustained attack on ACTRA members' livelihoods by union-busting agencies continues as the latest mediation attempt has once again ended without an agreement. Mediator Eli Gedalof ended National Commercial Agreement (NCA) mediation this week concluding "the parties are simply too far apart on issues that are fundamental to each, and that the conditions are not ripe for compromise at this time."

"The ICA's proposal continues to reflect its draconian and shameful views on the value and contribution performers bring to their advertising agencies and the brands with whom they work, said Marie Kelly, ACTRA's National Executive Director & Lead Negotiator. "These brands and agencies are out of tune with consumers who can no longer afford to use the very products they sell. It's shameful to see these huge profitable businesses try to trample on the performers who helped build their brands. Demanding concessions that would slash performer rates between 50 to 60%, will never be acceptable to ACTRA members who are struggling, like everyone else, to make ends meet."

After being locked out since April 26, 2022, ACTRA's NCA negotiating team was finally successful in forcing the Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA) to provide an on-the-record proposal. The end of mediation on September 18, 2022 means the media blackout is paused so members can now download their disrespectful proposal below, along with ACTRA's proposal and other key bargaining documents. To learn more about the negotiations check out the FAQ.


ICA/ACA and ACTRA Proposal Comparison
ACTRA Proposal
ICA/ACA Proposal
ACTRA Letter to ICA
Items in Agreement
ACTRA Simplified NCA Proposal

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