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#StopCBC from destroying a part of Canada’s broadcast history

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has quietly launched a systematic process that will destroy a vital component of Canada’s cultural and broadcast heritage. And the Canadian public knows virtually nothing about it.

At the beginning of April, CBC’s English Services began destroying original radio and television programming. Almost a million acetate transcriptions, audio and video tapes and other legacy master-recordings – that’s eight decades of this country’s English-language radio and television history – are being destroyed after digitization.

The Canadian Broadcast Foundation Museum (CBFM) requested delay of the destruction to finalize plans for alternative custody and preservation of these unique, publicly-owned cultural assets but the CBC has declined to alter its corporate timetable.

It’s time to #StopCBC from destroying a vital part of our country’s broadcast heritage. Show your support by sharing one of these messages on social media asking the CBC delay destruction until alternate arrangements can be made:

I support #CBFM request to delay destruction of @CBC master recordings so alternative custody can be arranged @CdnHeritage #StopCBC

.@CBC: don’t destroy our country’s unique, publicly-owned cultural assets. Work with us to protect our broadcast history. @CdnHeritage #StopCBC

Why doesn’t the @CBC want to protect our country’s cultural heritage and instead insists on destroying our radio and #CdnTV artefacts? @CdnHeritage #StopCBC

Our public broadcaster has failed to serve the public’s best interest by destroying our country’s original radio & #CdnTV artefacts. The @CBC must be stopped. @CdnHeritage #StopCBC

As a public broadcaster, all Canadians share in ownership of 8 decades of our @CBC radio & #CdnTV history. So why is the CBC secretly destroying our broadcast originals behind our backs? @CdnHeritage #StopCBC

We must protect a vital part of Canada’s broadcast history and stop @CBC from destroying 8 decades of our #CBC radio & #CdnTV original recordings @CdnHeritage #StopCBC

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