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Let your voice be heard!

With the federal election less than a year away, let your Member of Parliament (MP) know why it’s important to promote Canadian content.

A strong regulatory framework that supports Canadian content production is the backbone of our creative industry. It is a critical component of what helps support an industry that contributes $12B in GDP and almost 200,000 full-time jobs to the Canadian economy.

Start by sharing a message on social media (and tagging Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and your MP) about why the creation of Canadian content matters. Create your own message or use one of the examples included below:

Cdn creative industry is worth $12B in GDP to Cdn economy. Support #CanCon @Rodriguez_Pab [@your MP] #cdnpoli #ACTRAvist

Cdn creative industry helps provide almost 200k jobs to the Cdn economy. Support #CanCon @Rodriguez_Pab [@your MP] #cdnpoli #ACTRAvist

Cdn creative industry helps us define and express what it means to be Canadian. Support #CanCon @Rodriguez_Pab [@your MP] #cdnpoli #ACTRAvist

Fair treatment regardless of viewing platform. Everyone should contribute to the creation of #CanCon. @Rodriguez_Pab [@your MP] #cdnpoli #ACTRAvist

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