ACTRA Takes Action on Labour Day

Hello ACTRA members,

Minimum rights and pay.
Industry stability.

As proud ACTRA members, these are just some of the things we fight for.

Labour Day is the day we come together as workers in Canada, not only to celebrate labour’s collective victories, but to recommit ourselves to the fight for a fairer and more equal world.

For the first time in ACTRA’s 60-year work history in the commercial industry, we are experiencing labour strife that has been brought on by the Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA). The ICA has violated the core principles of our union by walking away from the bargaining table and locking us out.

The ICA’s true mission is to scrap ACTRA’s National Commercial Agreement (NCA) – doing away with our minimum rights and pay – instead of working together to negotiate a modernized agreement.

The ICA’s backwards thinking continues to frustrate me.

They were sitting across the table from a performers’ union that has negotiated some of the best collective agreements in the world for professional performers and industry partners. The NCA has benefitted ACTRA members and the commercial industry for decades.

The ICA is not only harming members in our union, their shameful actions are also detrimental to Canada’s commercial sector.

The biggest weapon we have to fight against anti-union entities is our solidarity.

In this spirit, I sincerely thank each and every ACTRA member for your solidarity during this challenging time.

As respected cultural workers in Canada’s vibrant entertainment sector we have many friends behind us. We also have partnerships with the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and the Association des agences de communication créative (A2C). They know we bring professionalism, experience and true value to every commercial production.

As ACTRA members, we must always remember we are standing on the shoulders of the founding members who came before us – Canada’s first radio and TV performers who collectively demanded respect and ensured our rights would be protected when we step onto an ACTRA set.

I encourage you to find ways to promote and take part in our ACTRA Takes Action campaign this Labour Day. It marks an important day in the labour movement to collectively demand respect for all workers. Your solidarity sends a powerful message.

This Labour Day, let’s pledge our solidarity to each other. Let everyone know we have each other’s backs and we will demand respect, fairness and protection for all ACTRA members.

I wish you and your families a safe and happy Labour Day.

In solidarity,
Eleanor Noble

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