The Independent Production Agreement (IPA) covers the engagement of performers in all film, television and digital media production in Canada (except in British Columbia, which operates under a separate collective agreement negotiated by ACTRA’s local, UBCP/ACTRA).

Downloadable forms provided via this page are in static or fillable PDF format and require Adobe Reader. Contact us if you require an alternate format.

2019 – 2021 IPA
2022-2024 Memorandum of Agreement
2022-2024 Independent Production Rates
Canadian Independent Production Incentive Program (CIPIP)
ACTRA Policy on Riders
Required Forms
Animation Contract
Audition Sign-in Sheet
Performer Work Report
Production Form
Remittance Statement (IPA)
Remittance Statement (Dubbing)
Security Agreement
Voluntary Recognition Agreement
Additional Forms and Documents
Appointment and Consent of Chaperon and Emergency Medical Authorization
Declaration of Parent in the Engagement of Minors
Declaration Regarding Selections of the 25% Advance Option
Performer Time Sheet – Dubbing
Statutory Declaration for Casting Directors
Upgrade Request Form
Weekly Report of Minors Trust Deductions
Security Forms
Alternate Guarantee Letter A for Production Obligations & Distribution Rights
Alternate Guarantee Letter B for Distribution Rights
Distribution Guarantee
Distributor’s Assumption Agreement
Non-Approved Distributor’s Assumption Agreement
Production Guarantee
Purchaser’s Assumption Agreement
What is the Independent Production Agreement Please contact an ACTRA branch representative if you have any questions.