The Independent Production Agreement (IPA) covers the engagement of performers in all film, television and digital media production in Canada (except in British Columbia, which operates under a separate collective agreement negotiated by ACTRA’s local, UBCP/ACTRA).

Downloadable forms provided via this page are in static or fillable PDF format and require Adobe Reader. Contact us if you require an alternate format.

Agreement and Rates

2019-2021 IPA
2022-2024 IPA (PDF) COMING SOON!

2022-2024 Memorandum of Agreement (PDF)
2022-2024 Independent Production Rates (PDF)
Producers Bound by the IPA (App 1) COMING SOON!

Work Permit Applications, Work Reports & Vouchers

IPA Work Permit Application COMING SOON!

IPA Work Permit Application (Foreign) COMING SOON!

Performer Work Report (App 5)

Performer Time Sheet – Dubbing

Contracts & Remittance Calculations

Standard Contract Form (App 12)*

Animation Contract (App 43)*

Remittance Calculation (App 28)

Remittance Calculation (Dubbing)
Producer Remittance Report Form for Minor’s Trust

*available upon request

  What is the Independent Production Agreement

Please contact an ACTRA branch representative if you have any questions.