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Lockout of ACTRA performers by some advertising agencies

For months, some advertising agencies have locked-out ACTRA performers who make commercials. Our performances made award-winning ads that got results—just as we’ve done for more than 60 years under a collective agreement these agencies tried to kill. But we’re fighting back and the agencies are feeling they’ve acted on bad advice.

Find out more about the renewal agreement, informational videos and Member Bulletins.

Call out the actions of bad advertising agencies that are threatening the ability of performers who work in commercials to make a living and build a career in Canada.

ACTRA Members have been advised not to accept work from the Engagers listed on this page following their unlawful lockout of ACTRA performers from the workplace.

Thank you to the sibling unions and allies that have shared statements of solidarity in our fight to protect the rights and working conditions of performers who work in commercials.

Canada’s film, television and commercial stars have joined the fight to protect performers’ rights and maintain stability and certainty in the advertising industry.

Each video in the Know Your Lines video series will cover important topics related to the renewal agreement and correct some of the misinformation being spread in the industry.