Join ACTRA and become a member of the strongest cultural union in Canada. There are three ways you can become an ACTRA member:

1. Join ACTRA as an Apprentice Member

Becoming an Apprentice Member ensures your eligibility to work on ACTRA sets. Within the union, an Apprentice Membership gives you the applicable rights and privileges of a Full Member, including full non-voting participation in ACTRA membership meetings.

You are eligible to become an Apprentice Member if you hold at least one qualifying work permit. This includes work permits for principal and acting roles as well as stunt but excludes work permits issued for background performing.

Apprentice Members pay a $75 Administration Fee at the time of registering with their Branch/Local Union. To maintain your Apprentice Member status, this fee must be paid annually on or before the expiry date listed on your Apprentice Membership Card.

Once an Apprentice Member has three qualifying credits, they may apply to become a Full Member. Please contact your Branch for more information about qualifying credits.


Full and Apprentice Members may not accept non-union work.

2. Join ACTRA as a Member of a Sibling Organization

If you are already a Full member in good standing of a sibling organization, such as Canadian Actors Equity Association (Equity) or SAG-AFTRA, and are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to apply for Full Membership in ACTRA. Please contact your Branch for more information.

3. Join as an ACTRA Additional Background Performer

There are many advantages of becoming an ACTRA Additional Background Performer. You will be protected by ACTRA collective agreements and have input in the bargaining process as it affects your wages and working conditions.

To be eligible for ACTRA Additional Background Performer membership, you must prove you have worked as a Background Performer under ACTRA’s jurisdiction for 15 days within a 12-month period immediately preceding your application for membership.

To apply, please contact your local ACTRA branch to set up an appointment. You will need to complete an application form, present proof of your 15 workdays as a Background Performer and provide a current photo and résumé.

If you are an ACTRA Additional Background Performer with well-documented proof (i.e. vouchers or cheque stubs) of 200 on-set engagement days or 1,600 hours, you may apply to become an Apprentice Member.