Advertisers deserve the best talent.

ACTRA performers want to work with you to make quality commercials that get results.

Working with ACTRA is easy – let us show you how.

Resources for Advertisers

Interested in hiring ACTRA talent for your commercial production? Here are some resources to get you started:

Get the professionals. Go ACTRA

ACTRA actors say it better. And you deserve the best.

When you’re with ACTRA, You’re in Good Company.

Jayne Eastwood

National treasure and Canadian screen icon Jayne Eastwood is the first to appear in this new video series featuring Canada’s film, television and commercial stars who have joined the fight to protect performers’ rights and maintain stability and certainty in the advertising industry.

Tristan D. Lalla

Award-winning performer Tristan D. Lalla encourages all advertising agencies to commit to make great ads using ACTRA’s professional performers.

Malia Baker

Breakout Canadian star and ACTRA Member Malia Baker invites Canadian advertising agencies to join us in our NCA renewal agreement so we can focus on making award-winning ads together.

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Here’s how to get started

Working with ACTRA talent is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. To engage ACTRA performers on your advertising campaign, the ad agency or advertiser needs to first become a signatory to the National Commercial Agreement. Complete and return a letter of continuance as well as an Intent to Produce to your local ACTRA Branch office.
  2. Cast your production with professional ACTRA talent.
  3. Produce your commercial!

Questions & Contact

Have a question or need assistance? Check out our list of FAQs about the renewal agreement or contact your local ACTRA Branch office.