The future of Canada’s screen-based industry is at a pivotal moment. New legislation to modernize our Broadcasting Act has been proposed in Bill C-10 and it is imperative it gets passed by our Members of Parliament before the current parliamentary session ends in just a few weeks.

Canada’s existing Broadcasting Act remains outdated and does not reflect the digital age. We need your help to ensure your Member of Parliament understands what is at stake if we do not get this legislation passed as soon as possible.  

The main goal of the Bill is to bring foreign online streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, into Canada’s broadcasting system. The more broadcasters – traditional or online – we have contributing to the creation of Canadian content production, the more jobs it generates for the Canadian talent who create this content.

We need a healthy domestic production sector – not only is it an opportunity for us to tell our own stories and share the Canadian perspective, but it allows the Canadian talent who are the foundation of our world-class production industry to thrive.