ACTRA National’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee promotes the principles concerning the casting of People of Colour, Indigenous Peoples and people with disabilities.

The best initiatives are driven by members. We can better shape initiatives to support you by getting to know our membership and understanding your experiences. We welcome your input and your stories.

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Mariah Inger
ACTRA National Diversity and Inclusion Committee

As a Standing Committee of the ACTRA National Council, the ACTRA Diversity and Inclusion Committee recommends policies and advocates for support structures for diverse artistic communities to help create an inclusive environment and right historical inequities within Canada’s recorded media sector.

The ACTRA Diversity and Inclusion Committee is a volunteer committee made up of ACTRA Members from across Canada who are professionals in the entertainment industry. The ACTRA Diversity Committee considers ‘diverse artistic communities’ include, but not be limited to, ethnic minorities, First Nations, Métis, Inuit and performers with disabilities. The ACTRA Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to create an inclusive work environment that will foster more opportunities for ACTRA Members from diverse communities.

Draw from the personal experiences of Committee members who represent diverse communities to help to identify and articulate contemporary challenges. Recommend support structures for professionals from diverse communities who are experiencing challenges. Discuss and recommend policies and initiatives that will help create a national agenda on diversity.

OUR WORK is an online searchable database of diverse professional performers. It is FREE to ACTRA Members, agents, casting directors and producers thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

ACTRA National Diversity and Inclusion Committee Short Film Script Competition

The Committee held two competitions where ACTRA Members were invited to draw from their personal experiences and submit a script that answered a specific diversity question. Successful candidates were provided with funding to create a short film based on their winning script. Click here to view the videos.