As part of our efforts to ensure all ACTRA Members are aware of the Member Census, ACTRA engaged a third-party text broadcast company to send a single text reminder to our Members on August 16 about the Census.

As a result of a technical error by the third-party provider, some ACTRA Members received multiple text messages through a variety of phone numbers. We understand this must have been very disruptive for these Members. This was certainly unintended and we can confirm the text broadcast obviously did not go as planned. As soon as we became aware of the problem, we ceased the text broadcast so as not to further inconvenience Members.

We wanted to share an apology from the third-party provider as well as an explanation of what occurred:

“We sincerely apologize for the technical issue. There was an error in processing the messages where the messaging processor started looping back through the list to resend the same message multiple times to the same recipients.”

We would like to assure all ACTRA Members this occurrence is unacceptable and will not happen again. We would also like to confirm ACTRA’s database was not hacked and no Member data was compromised.