Statements of Solidarity – Thank you!

Thank you to the following sibling unions and allies for sharing statements of solidarity in our fight to protect the rights and working conditions of performers who work in commercials. Issues should be resolved at the bargaining table. An attack on one union is an attack on the labour movement.

The EIC board and its member agencies stand strong with TAMAC agents, the ACA, the A2C, and ACTRA members. The current union busting disruption of our industry by the ICA negatively impacts all of us.

Nothing justifies this disruption. It is a manufactured issue, a bad faith strategy of bargaining to impasse, followed by an outrageous and false claim that choosing to bargain to impasse means the agreement is then nullified. It. Is. Not. Nullified.

People who bargain this way are putting their business reputations and their national and global brands at risk — especially when their agenda is to impose deep pay cuts, to withhold family benefits and pensions, and to gut use fees for our clients.

We urge the advertising agencies who have chosen to enable this conduct to reconsider and return to the bargaining table.

We call on ACTRA members to stand strong. We stand strong with you.

Equity UK stands in solidarity with our siblings in ACTRA in their dispute with a group of Canadian agencies who have chosen to follow bad advice from their trade association. For decades the commercial industry has relied on the talent and dedication of professional unionized performers to help shed their products and commercials in the best light. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that has lasted for over 6 decades in Canada. It is shameful that during a pandemic with record inflation across the globe, the Institute of Canadian Agencies (the ICA) has engaged in union busting tactics designed to strip from ACTRA performers their basic minimum protections as well as their retirement security and healthcare benefits.

Why at a time of worldwide uncertainty would these ad agencies want to place advertisers and their brands at risk and create chaos that could permanently and negatively impact the Canadian advertising industry.

We share your struggle as Equity UK and its members work together as we strive to realise our ambitions of agreeing to a collectively bargained agreement for TV Commercials here in the UK.

We are writing today to let them know they are being watched around the world. And we are writing to congratulate our Canadian colleagues for standing together; to urge them on in this fight; and to know you are not standing alone.

TAMAC is an association of leading talent agents who represent Canadian performers in the film, television,
digital and commercial industries.

If there is one thing we know, it is the fact that these are collaborative industries that run on partnership and

That being the case, today we want to express the strongest possible support for performers — who have
effectively been locked out, and have seen their work opportunities decimated.

There are important issues to discuss about the national commercial agreement. ACTRA is right to commit to
modernize and streamline it.

We stand in solidarity with ACTRA, and we applaud the continued fight to defend Canadian performer’s
livelihood, fair wages, and safe working conditions.

We would like to see all parties return to the bargaining table to see this modernization through, but until that
happens we call on all ACTRA members to stand strong.

We stand strong with you.