Renewal agreement maintains stability for commercial sector

ACTRA and the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) agreed to a one-year (June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023) renewal of the National Commercial Agreement (NCA), including the Local and Regional (L&R) Commercial Addendum, to provide stability for the industry. On June 1, the Association des agences de communication créative (A2C) joined ACA and ACTRA in the renewal of the NCA to ensure Quebec advertising agencies will continue to have access to ACTRA’s professional performers.

The renewal agreement came into effect on June 1, and provides a two per cent increase to rates and fees, and gives all parties a window to jointly work towards modernizing and simplifying the agreement.

The Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA) is no longer a co-administrator after seeking terms unacceptable to ACTRA and the ACA and ultimately left the bargaining table.

Commercials continue to be union-made under the renewal agreement with our partners in the ACA, A2C and the many signatory engagers that respect and value the ACTRA performers who make great commercials.

ACTRA Members can only work for agencies that adhere to the NCA terms and conditions, and non-adhering agencies will not be able to use ACTRA talent on inferior non-union terms and conditions.

While casting breakdowns for a specific commercial production should highlight if the production is union, if you or your agent are unsure, please contact your ACTRA Branch directly to confirm if a production is being shot under a union contract. ACTRA Members are not permitted to audition for or work on non-union commercials.

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Know Your Lines

Introducing our new video series, Know Your Lines. Each video in the series will cover important topics related to the renewal agreement and correct some of the misinformation being spread in the industry.

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Episode 1

Episode 1: ACTRA National President Eleanor Noble breaks down the who's who in the commercial industry.

Episode 2

Episode 2: ACTRA National President Eleanor Noble breaks down how a collective agreement works and why the NCA is still in effect.

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Member Bulletins

ACTRA is sending Member Bulletins with information about our National Commercial Agreement (NCA) renewal agreement. Please take a few minutes to catch up on the issues; and please do what you can to share what you learn.

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